2011 Meijer State Games – Report by D2 Racing Team

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The Meijer State Games this year was once again held at the Cannonsburg Ski Lodge and like last year the weather was amazing. The D2 Racing Team had three riders partake in the mountain biking event, of which Ryan Allen racing Sport 35-39, Dominic Couturier racing Expert 30-39, and Eric Patterson racing Expert 29-Under.

With the previous light rains and massive trail work prior to the race, the trails were in fantastic condition. Like last year, the race course doesn’t follow the same route as the typical trail, rather it uses the long two track for the beginning and end. This was great for racing since it allowed for wide open lanes on the start and wide open lanes for any last minute sprinting to the finish. Although, if you are a weeknight rider, it throws you off a little as the big climb you usually start with is now roughly in the middle of the trail. Another cool feature of the selected course layout was having the racers come all the way to the walking bridge, passing through the back side of the lodge and then back out over the land bridge. This allowed for great spectating and from a racer’s point of view, a lot of energy from the cheering crowd as we made each lap.

Ryan was first out in the sport class with a designated 3 laps for a total of 15 miles. The sport class this year was just huge and it was quite impressive to see so many bikers getting into the competitive side of the sport. The mass start seemed to cause several bottle necks for some, but by the end of an hour and a half of hard riding Ryan finished 8th in his age bracket.

Next up was Dominic and Eric in the Expert class racing 5 laps for 25 miles. All the Expert’s started together but with the smaller field size there did not appear to be too many bottle necks. Dominic had a fast and clean race and held on to finish 1st in his age group with a finish time of 2:13:25. Eric managed to make the race a great soap opera by nearly flatting his rear tire a few laps in and limping the bike for the rest of the lap. There he got air back in from the support tent and went on to try and reclaim his position. It ended with a bar to bar sprint for the finish line with Eric crashing into the timing tent right after crossing the line. He also ended up climbing back up to take a 1st in his age group.

It was a good day of racing and riding for the D2 Racing Team and we thank all the volunteers that helped put on such a top notch event right here in Grand Rapids, MI.

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Thank you to D2 Racing for this account of the State Games!

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