Volunteers needed for summer events!

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This is a plea for Jerseys volunteers to help the Western MMBA during events over the next 5 weeks. These events эвакуатор are all fund raisers for the WMMBA’s “50 in 5” campaign. If you are not familiar with 50 in 5, it’s our the initiative to develop 50 miles of new trail in west Michigan in the next 5 years.  This initiative takes money to fund and we have opportunities to partner with other organization’s events to raise needed money.  So here are our opportunities and how you can be a valuable partner with the WMMBA.

Saturday, June 25th, State Games MTB Race at Canonsburg ski area. Volunteer spots are filled, but please come and race.

Saturday, July 9th,  Grand Rapids Urban Adventure Race. Downtown Grand Rapids.

  • 5 What people to set up the bike corral at Founders. Bikes will start arriving around 6.30am from racers. Prefer to have volunteers at 5 am at Founders.
  • We would like at least three people to remain with the corral during the race.
  • We estimate the last bike to go through around 10am and then tear of down after.
  • 5 people to work registration/finish. Registration starts at 6.30am. We could use people from 6.30am to noon. There will be some set up Recreation and help with registration/finish as well.

Saturday, July 16th, Holland 100, 100 mile bicycle tour around Holland & Ottawa County.

  • 8 volunteer workers, each with a vehicle capable of carrying a minimum of MEHRZWECKERHITZER two (2) bicycles, on July 16, 2011 from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Workers will drive the Holland Hundred course, acting as chicagobearsjerseyspop transport vehicles, picking up riders and bikes that have had mechanical problems and transport to the next Rest Stop on the course. Adventure Assignments will be made the morning of the event.

Sunday, July 31st, Blueberry Blues Festival, Saugatuck, MI

  • 4 volunteers needed to run the WMMBA Beer Tent during the festival 1-6 pm. Set up tent, tables, cash box, serve beer, collect payment, clean up after.  There will be a certified liquor service person at the site. Insurance to cover servers and WMMBA included.

This is direct, your volunteer help leads to new trails! How can you say no to that?
Please respond to western@mmba.org or mehall@landolakes.com with questions or to add your name to the volunteer list.

Martin Hall, WMMBA Chapter President