Board Meeting

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To keep things focused, this meeting is limited to the WMMBA board and advisory board members.  The board meets on a monthly basis to review important topics and proposals, review trail conditions and projects, and focus on events and fundraising. We bring these topics back to the members in a meeting every other month.  Our next member meeting will more than likely be on July 9th but check back to make sure.  We haven’t determined a location yet because July is a great time to get out and ride……group ride perhaps with discussion following.

On the agenda so far are:

1. Trail Coordinator Budgets

2. State Games Race and other upcoming events

3. Trail counters and/or surveyors

4. IMBA World Summit

5. MMBA Leadership Retreat

I’m sure additional topics will come up over the next few weeks but if you have any suggestions on additional concerns for your WMMBA board,  please let us know.  Feel free to email: and we will attempt to get it on the agenda for an upcoming meeting.