It’s Official…The Merrell Trail is Open for Riding

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Yes, you heard that correctly.  After countless volunteer hours, donations of pizza and beer from local bike shops, financial support from members and organizations, and great leadership in the hands of a few….Merrell is now open for riding.  So, grab your bike and your friends and head on out.  This is a bi-directional trail, one way only, which changes depending on the day of the week so read below and watch for the signage.


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – Follow the yellow directional arrows.

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Follow the Red directional arrows.




Don’t know where to park?  Since this trail is just one component of the larger Sports Complex and we will have shared parking and restrooms, we’ve had to create a temporary parking area.  Apparently mountain bikers are an organized and passionate group because most other sporting areas haven’t even broken ground.  See the pic below for directions to the temporary parking area.


The trail is located at 2908 10 Mile Rd NE in Rockford.  Just off 131.  Go East to the second stop light (opposite Meijer entrance) and drive on back.






Curious what you’re getting yourself into?  Here’s a great aerial shot with the trail highlighted.  Again, the direction that you’re riding this depends on the day of the week.  There are some forks in the trail that need to be ridden more than once to hit all the sweet spots.  But don’t worry, you’ll be having so much fun that you’ll want to do lap after lap.