Trail Work Events

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The transition from spring to summer is in full swing. Trails are starting to become crowded with face slappers and tall grass. Fortunately we have implemented an adopt a trail section program that will allow us to focus large trail days on new trails or major repairs while the adoptees handle the minor trail trimmings. It is not a small task by any means, we have miles of trails that require constant trimming. Please thank these teams, shops or individuals when you see them.

LUTON TRAIL – Rick Plite Team / Bike Shop
Luton Blue Loop: Real Woman Tri
Luton Orange Loop: WM Bike and Leadout
Luton Black Loop: East Hills Velo
Luton Red Loop: Village Bike and Fitness Mountain Bike Teams
Luton Green Loop: Michigan Adventure Racing
Luton Yellow Loop: Apex Racing

MERRELL TRAIL – Scott TenCate Person/Team/Shop
Merrell Outbound, Carin, Chameleon: Grand Rapids Bike Shop
Merrell Mix Master: Alger Bike
Merrell Widerness: WM Bike and Leadout
Merrell Siren: Founders Racing
Merrell Phaser: The Wheel Department
Merrell Sawtooth: AJ Tarachanowicz II
Merrell Wynalda Loop: Wynalda Racing/Speed Merchants

GAME AREA TRAIL- Chris Curtis, Barry VanVolkenburg. Team / Bike Shop
CSGA Section One: D2 Racing
CSGA Section Two: Ada Bike Shop
CSGA Section Three: Farm Team
CSGA Section Four: New Holland Brewing Cycling

Ken-osa, Bike Park, Richmond Central District Cyclery

SKI AREA – Todd Rillema, Bill Shaver Team / Bike Shop
Cannonsburg Ski Area all: Freewheeler Racing Freewheeler Racing / Bike Shop

YANKEE TRAIL Individuals
Yankee Springs Rec Area Campground Loop: Al Northouse + Mark Allen
Yankee Springs Rec Area Mile Markers 2-5: Terry Sensiba + Dave Echelbarger
Yankee Springs Rec Area Mile Markers 5-8: Cross Country Cycle/Mark Spore
Yankee Springs Rec Area Mile Markers 8-10: Dave and Scott Roerig, Brian Parker
Yankee Springs Rec Area Mile Markers 10-13.5 Tim Curtis + Family

IONIA REC TRAIL – George Trowbridge Person/Team/Shop
Ionia Rec Area Volunteers needed!

all trails Cannon Brewing Co

If you would like to lend a hand, volunteers are still needed for Ionia Rec Area or if you know one of the people listed above contact them to help on their section.

While we are on the topic of trail work we have a ton going on right now. Wahlfield Park trail building has begun so look for Wednesday night trail building sessions and the occasional weekend work day.

Merrell Trail has a trail repair night coming up this week to fix some wet spots and sometime in June we will start Phase 2 and we could use day time help for 10 days in a row! Phase 2 will add 2 miles of trail to the east.

All events will be listed on the events page.