Phase 2 at Merrell

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Alex Stewart is coming to town soon and we will need lots of help doing the finish work on Phase Two- “The Wynalda Loop” at Merrell. This loop will add a much needed 2 more miles of trail. Plan to lend a hand sometime around June 17-27. And this just in from Scott: We will start to build the Merrell trails, “Wynalda loop” starting next week.! We expect to have an additional 1.5 – 2 miles of single track once its complete.

Alex Stewart and his professional trail building team will lead the work but we could use some additional workers to help with benching, berms and finish work. If you have time available during the days to help out send us a private message with your contact and we’ll connect to see what works for the schedule. Planned work days needing help are 7/17 -7/19 and 7/22-7/24