Wahlfield- Wednesday work nights

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WEDNESDAY WORK NIGHTS ARE OVER FOR THE SEASON. Join us every Wednesday evening from 5-8pm. If you arrive later than 5pm, get a mcleod (yellow handled rake look-a-like) out of the trailer. Head down the cinder path to the north, cross the bridge and head down the fresh single track on the right side of the curve just past the bridge. Bring bug spray, boots, and water.

8-1-13 update


Thanks to the few folks that came out last night. We got the Green trail field loop raked of the clear cutting debris. I rode the Orange, Purple, Green and Blue trail in this photo as an out and back loop for 4 miles total. The Orange trail is done, the upper leg of the Purple trail still needs bench cutting and the Green and Blue trail just need to be ridden in. Come help us finish the bench cutting on Wednesday nights so we can have a 4 mile trail to ride. An option also exists shown in red is to ride the paved shoulder of Alpine back to the parking lot for a two mile loop. As of now the trail can be ridden is each direction since it is getting very little use, just use caution. The Yellow Trail is planned for this fall and summer of 2014.