Ken-O-Sha Park

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WMMBA Ken-O-Sha Trail Grand RapidsKen-O-Sha is fun to say and fun to ride. This short urban trail option is a great place to put in a few hot laps when you’re short on time.¬†

Located in southeast Grand Rapids, Ken-O-Sha Park sits just a few blocks away from the Underground, giving riders two short but still very enjoyable urban options to ride. The full loop offers about three miles of trails divided between north and south loops, with some alternate and by-pass options that riders can weave together to keep it fresh. While the trail is quite short, certain loops have been spiced up with some log features, plus a mini-suspension bridge on the south side.

Ken-O-Sha is especially useful this time of the year because of how well it tends to handle the freeze-thaw cycle that can wreak havoc on other trail systems. Aside from a few small mud spots, most of the trail stays dry, making it a sure bet most evenings for a post-work ride. The North Loop is even more weather resistant, with a much more sandy soil that sheds water quickly. While the trails system is primarily viewed as ideal for beginners, even more experienced riders can test their skills and get in some fun miles without having to leave the city limits.

You can add some dirt to your ride to or from Ken-O-Sha by hopping onto the Underground, a 1-mile trail that has been slowly revived over the past few seasons. It’s rated as a green or easy trail, but like any trail, how you ride it makes all the difference.

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