You Choose: Ride One WMMBA Trail…For Life?

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You have to pick one WMMBA trail to ride forever…and only one. 

Recently, while staring into the dark corners of a small garage packed wall-to-wall with bikes, we started talking about what we would do if we could only have one bike, and one bike only, forever. Looking at the dozen or so rigs of various descriptions, from top-of-the-line carbon mountain bikes to vintage steel road bikes, picking one type of bike to stick to was a bit overwhelming. There would never be a perfect answer, and even the most well-rounded bike would leave you hoping and wishing at some point. (Case in point: My first answer was a cyclocross bike; well, that would mean no riding the trails all winter, just cold, slushy, salty gravel roads dodging snowplows!)

It’s not too far of a stretch, nor did it take too long, for our discussion to go from one bike to one trail. If you could only ride one WMMBA trail, what would it be? And how would you even begin to decide? For most of us, convenience would almost certainly win out; if Yankee or, say, Merrell was in your virtual backyard, you’d obviously pick that trail because you’d be able to ride it more often. But having to pick just a single trail would have the same achingly-cruel consequence as picking just one bike; sure, you’d be able to ride, but the life’s spice, variety, would be well-missed.

What would you pick, if you had to, and why? Would you ride the closest trail, the biggest or longest, the most technical, the easiest?

Of course, thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and supporters, we don’t think you’ll ever have to. Enjoying the wide variety of trail opportunities in Grand Rapids and all of West Michigan is a treat that we enjoy every day thanks to the selfless, hard-working men and women that are involved at WMMBA and spend their time getting their hands dirty to provide a safe, challenging, and fun trail experience.

You can help by becoming an Ally. Our Alliance needs more than shovels; we need voices, advocates, ride leaders, and all sorts of talents that help to spread our message and support our trails.

Don’t lose too much sleep over picking your one trail; you won’t ever have to stick to it!