Our Trails By The Numbers

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We’ve rolled deep into July, and with the second half of 2018 on deck, it’s really interesting to check out some of the highlights on Trailforks. 

Trailforks is extremely useful for us in a number of ways. The app helps identify trail issues, closures, rainfall, plus serves as our primary source of information on trail traffic. Now that we are well and truly through the half-way mark of the year, we’ve been flipping through the numbers on all the stats in West Michigan.

Trailforks uses information synced from ride applications like Strava to offer data on check-ins, demographics, and peak use times. It’s a pretty cool way to see who is riding the trails, where they’re riding, where they’re from, and more.

While we obviously don’t have information from every rider, it’s really interesting to see how many visitors make it a point to use the trails. Almost half (49.%) of trail users travel from outside a 37-mile radius to use the trails, with the remainder of the riders registered as locals. We think that riders that travel tend to be more likely to use an app like Trailforks skews that number, but that’s still a substantial influx of new riders!

The average age of our riders is between 30-44, with roughly 96% of those registered users being men. One of our goals for next year will be to see that number change, with more women getting into the woods!

Most Popular Grand Rapids Trail?

We also have some all-time stats that show the most popular trail in the area. The winning section? It’s Merrell, with the Wilderness section ridden 2,380 times. Second is Luton’s Red Loop at 2,154. Luton has five of the top ten most-ridden trails in the area!

And it’s prime-time to ride. June and July are two of the busiest months for riding, with June seeing 9,922 check-ins ahead of May (8,631) and July (7,851).

Want to help us improve the accuracy of these numbers, and maybe help drive your favorite trail up the charts? Make sure you link up your Strava account to Trailforks and consider contributing to trail reports to help other riders find out about trail conditions and closures.