Skirts in the Dirt Is August 18!

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It’s hard to pick a day that we can call the true height of summer. Skirts in the Dirt, however, is certainly a front-runner.¬†

Skirts in the Dirt has already become a landmark event in West Michigan, and this year’s race/ride/party is shaping up to the be biggest one yet! Great vibes, awesome trails, and a collection of cool people make this WMMBA fundraiser a lot bigger than a bike race.

First, it’s the perfect chance to get women into the sport. Whether they’ve been riding a long time and have never raced, or are completely new to pedaling, Skirts in the Dirt offers a fun, no-pressure way to toe the line as seriously or as silly as you’d like. Each category of the race is tailored to a different interest or skill level, meaning you won’t be lining up against world beaters if you don’t want to.

It’s also the perfect way to get all of the area’s women together to meet, connect, and mingle, which makes it so much easier to join rides and races in the future. We already have a strong network of healthy, active women in the area, and we want to help tie more and more women into that web of awesome ladies!

Race distances¬†range from five miles to twenty miles, with a twelve-mile distance, fat bike, singlespeed and tandem options also available. We’ve even added Squirts in the Dirt, a totally free kid’s race for tykes under 12 years of age.

Skirts in the Dirt will be at Wahlfield Trail, one of WMMBA’s most unique trail systems. After big trail day this week, we’re expecting perfect conditions for race day; no more face slappers, sand pits, or washouts! It’s a great balance of technical skill, speed, and just a splash of elevation to keep you on your toes.

Registration for the race is open until Thursday, August 16, so get yourself and your biking pals signed up for the party!