Wahlfield Trail Day August 1

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Wahlfield Trail WMMBA

Wahlfield needs some work, and with Skirts in the Dirt coming up quick, we’re rallying the troops to get one of our favorite trails in perfect shape before race day! 

Skirts in the Dirt is a really, really good time. In addition to being one of the only women-centric mountain bike events in the Midwest, it’s a fundraiser for West Michigan Mountain Bike Alliance as well! This year, the event is headed to Wahlfield on August 17, but before we send the ladies out on course, we’re calling in all our Allies for a much-needed trail day on August 1.

The ladies are skipping their weekly ride to help, but with so much to do, we’re really relying on a lot of volunteers to address some issues at the trail. We’ll be going after this with a divide-and-conquer game plan that will ensure that everyone has a task, a specific section of trail, and the right tools to get it done. We’ll be addressing everything from some overgrowth and sand pits to more complex drainage fixes, plus plenty of trail bed maintenance.

These fixes will make sure that Wahlfield is in perfect shape for race day. Skirts in the Dirt draws riders from all over the state, and we want to make sure the ladies who make the drive to Grand Rapids aren’t just happy they made it; we want them blown away with the quality of the trails, the race, and the friendly folks who make both happen.

Of course, these fixes will have a lasting impact beyond August. These trail updates will enhance the recreational experience for the rest of summer and fall, and we believe it will help with the expected spring and thaw cycle once we get through another Michigan winter.

We’ve got an event made on our Facebook page to help keep you in the loop of ahead of the August 1 trail day. Can’t make it? Join WMMBA and put the tool and materials we need in our hands to keep the mission alive! You can also help by racing or volunteering at Skirts in the Dirt next month!