GR Bike Park Redesign Is Underway!

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Thanks to the generous donations of Allies like YOU, the GR Bike Park is getting a lot better, right now! 

Mountain bikers and trail users from all over West Michigan donated to help get our Grand Rapids Bike Park redesign underway, and if you’ve checked it out, things are already starting to take shape. Construction and trail work is underway as of the start of this week, which is just about as exciting as it gets! That work will cause some trail access issues. Throughout the project, the gate to the bike park will be locked during the day, or whenever workers are on site. The trail will be open in the evenings and weekends, although we ask users to be mindful and safe on the trails and avoid any part of the park that appears to be under construction.

With crews already getting dirty, we’re excited to bring the following features:

-a kid’s strider pump track

– an intermediate pump track

– a skills course with wooden features

– a freshening-up of the jumplines

– new singletrack layout with jumps, rollers, and berms

Much of the funding made available from our June donation drive will be earmarked for the second phase of the project, which will focus on adding new lines to the singletrack, a very cool drop line, and more features to make it challenging for riders of all abilities.

The GR Bike Park will serve as a place for individuals and families to come together and ride, but also offer opportunities for runners, hikers, and anyone who appreciates nature to find a calm place to relax, workout, or just get out of the house. Cycling may be what the park is identified for, but we understand the value that this space offers thousands of people in the neighborhood as a place to live a healthier, more active life.

We have big things going this summer and our goal is to have many of these features added ahead of the fall riding season. Make sure you stay plugged into all things GR Bike Park on the trail’s Facebook Page, as well as the social outlets of WMMBA on Facebook and Instagram.