Cannonsburg Ski Area Goes Directional, Trifecta Tour, and Rain!

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Cannonsburg WMMBA MTB Ski Area Directional

We’re hoping everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend and that you’re excited for all the fun things fall has to offer! 

We’re off to an extremely soggy start to September, making it more important than ever that everyone makes an effort to check trail conditions before riding. It can be frustrating to have your ride plans diverted, delayed, or canceled, but in order to preserve our great riding options, we’ve all got to use our brains and a employ some restraint. Using Trailforks and other avenues to check the state of your local trail is the best way to avoid a driving to a trailhead, only to have to turn around immediately due to mud.

The good news is that the rain should be clearing off after tomorrow night, and we should have stellar riding conditions for this weekend! Of course, that means Saturday’s Trifecta Tour is shaping up to be a really great day, with warm temperatures and the trails looking to be dried out by then. Online registration closes Thursday night at 5 pm, and you can get signed up right here. The Trifecta Tour is enjoying its 8th edition, closing in a full decade of celebrating great trails and a great cycling community! There is day-of registration, which opens at 8 am at Townsend Park.

Another tidbit worth noting is a pretty big change at Cannonsburg Ski Area. As you may have heard, the trail system will be directional starting today! The directional arrows at the trail entrance, with red and yellow days alternating as marked. This will help with trail safety, trail maintenance and sustainability, and offer up a fresh way to experience the trails. An important note, other trail users will be able to choose their direction, so it’s still important to keep your head up to look for walkers, runners, and anyone not on wheels.

September is going to be a blast, and we’re thankful for all the volunteers who have come together to make events like the Trifecta Tour happen, as well as all the trail work we’ve faced with the storms and rains the past two weeks. Thank you for your support, everyone!