MiSCA Comes To Cannonsburg!

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The future of the sport is here, literally! The MiSCA Series comes to West Michigan this Sunday, October 14. 

It’s never been more important to give kids a really good reason to put down their screens and swing a leg over a bike. While not every kid wants or needs to be the next Nino Schurter, sports like mountain biking are the perfect outlet for kids who aren’t interested in ball sports, or may not have found another active, healthy sport to get them outside. The Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association has put together a six-race series that offers stops around the state, giving individual kids and youth cycling teams a chance to race, connect, and have some fun!

We’re already five events into the series, and this Sunday is the Cannonsburg stop for the series. It’s an important race for the West Michigan Coyotes, our very own youth cycling squad that finally gets their equivalent of a home game this fall! The Coyotes are run by Aaron Zuelke, Rich Budden, and the West Michigan Coast Riders, but boasts a roster of kids from all over the region. They’ve been practicing since spring at various WMMBA trails, and their hard work has been paying off big time over the course of the first four races of 2018.

WMMBA and everyone in West Michigan want to make sure our Coyotes and the rest of the kids have a great time this Sunday. If you can help, the even takes a lot of volunteers to run smoothly. If you’re available to help with course set-up, registration, course marshaling, and course tear-down, you’d be doing your part to promote more kids on bikes not just in our neck of the woods, but all over the state. If you can help, email Jody at  jgiles@miscabike.org  to pitch in. Bring a sign, bring something that makes a lot of noise, and cheer those kids on, too!

For updates on the race Sunday, watch the event on Facebook and we’ll see you out there!