WMMBA At MTB State Summit

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Trail associations from all over are in Grand Rapids to learn, share, and spread information about great trails and the communities that shape them. 

Our crew gets to stay home for the Summit, with the two-day conference taking place today and tomorrow right here in Grand Rapids. This first-year event was organized by Michigan Mountain Bike Association, Vermont Mountain Bike Association, and Jersey Off-Road Bicycle Association as a way for diverse cycling organizations to share what works best with groups from all over Michigan. It’s a great chance to look to folks just like us for their solutions to problems we all share. From events to non-profit status, there are a lot of hurdles that go well beyond clearing trails.

Topics for the summit include diversifying the sport, how to run a great event, organizing volunteers and the association for growth, and working with different membership platforms. As is often the case, our board members are volunteers that came to WMMBA with a special cause, and that cause is rarely a love of organizing and building mailing lists and spreadsheets. Without learning some best practices and experimenting with new systems for getting things done, we could be coming up short in our mission to bring you the best trails, and the best advocacy, that we can.

We also want to thank Grand Rapids’ own Velocity USA for sponsoring the summit, as well as bringing in plenty of knowledge and support to make sure the event is a great value to us and all the trail associations. There are groups from all over the state, and we’re excited to bring what we’ve learned to the trails and to the organizations heading into winter grooming season, 2019, and beyond.

Amped up? Join up. We need Allies to keep these trails growing, and thanks to events like the MTB Summit, we’ll know exactly what to do with the extra muscle!