Ninja MTB Clinics at GR Bike Park :: July 13-14

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Ninja MTB Performance WMMBA Clinic

It might seem a little early to introduce you to our new clinic with Ninja MTB Performance, but it’s always good to start planning. 

Veteran shredder or first-timer, everyone who rides a bike has room for improvement. Racer or rider, there are countless skills and tricks that can make you a stronger, faster, and safer mountain biker, and we’re inviting Ninja MTB Performance to bring their whole menu to West Michigan this summer. On July 13 and 14, you’ll be able to hop in one or two-day clinics geared to cover a whole range of skills in a fun, professionally-developed program that’s going to be pretty darn fun, too.

Each clinic is designed to cover a different set of skills using drills, instruction, and plenty of on-the-trail practice, making the GR Bike Park an ideal spot for the clinic to unfold.

Fundamental – If you’re new to the trails and the bike park, the Fundamental Clinic offers a run-through of the basics and sets you up to improve even after the clinic is over. Even if you have a few seasons under your belt, you may want to freshen up or go back to basics with this wide-ranging but effective day of instruction. Saturday, one-day. 

There’s also a women’s only version of the Fundamental Clinic! Saturday, one-day.

Two-Day Clinic – Squeeze in even more over two days of instruction! Having more time means you get to more time practicing the skills and drills designed to expand your toolbox of tricks and talents. Extra time means you get the full offering from Ninja, and the time to improve at your own pace.

Jumping Mini Clinic – Up your game with the skills to safely get more air, more style, and have more fun with a short but very effective (and fun!) clinic. Saturday afternoon.

Intermediate/Advanced Clinic – You’re an experienced rider looking to corner, jump, and ride faster, more smoothly, and more efficiently than ever, with the added skills that’ll serve you well at the bike park. Sunday, one-day.

Ninja MTB Performance offers clinics around the country, with years of experience with all sorts athletes. They have some great reviews and we’ve had a great relationship and some positive experiences ourselves!

To see all the clinic and book your spot, head here.

We’ll also have more updates on our Facebook page, so make sure you RSVP.