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With spring not too far off, we’re highlighting a few of the lesser known trail systems in the area, starting with the tight, twisty and always challenging Bass River Recreation Area near Grand Haven.

Just off Lake Michigan Avenue between the Lakeshore and Grand Rapids, Bass River gets the maximum out of its relatively small footprint by using turn after turn to challenge your handling skills. The trail consists of two trails intersected by an access road; riders can stick to the short north side, the longer south side, or tie both together to make for a longer loop.

Speed is relative at Bass River. With so many turns, you’ll never get to rev the engine up. Instead, the fastest riders are the ones who make the fewest mistakes and find seconds through smooth riding and holding momentum as much as possible.

If you’re looking for a great workout, many riders will exit the trail system and ride a few miles of gravel before looping back into the woods for more singletrack. Because of the relatively low traffic away from Lake Michigan Avenue, many locals ride to the trailhead as well, making it a great trail for anyone on the west side who’d rather get more miles on the bike than in the car.

Bass River is one of the trail systems we would love to have more data on through Bass River is most popular in August and September, with over 100 riders enjoying the trail since it was added as a unique trail system.

You can learn more about Bass River Recreation Area, load your own rides, and stay up to date on trail conditions at the Trailforks Trail page.

Jarrett Simon holds the Strava KOM on the 4.4 mile loop!

Bass River Survey

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Please take a couple minutes to check out this survey.  Data is being compiled by the DNR and MSU for various user groups at Bass River.  Let’s show some support for mountain biking.  Hopefully it will lead to the development of additional trail in this system.
Link to survey:

Member Meeting January 9, 2012

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In case you weren’t able to attend, here’s a quickie on some of the things we discussed at the meeting.  I’m not big on long formal meeting minutes, so if you need details, contact your favorite board member….better yet, come to the meeting.

New president Kevin Allen gave a recap of happenings in 2011

Yankee Springs Time Trial update – Registration has been open since mid-November. John Anderson is back with his sound system and announcing talents.  Dan Clark will design this year’s 2012 artwork for shirts, glasses and posters.  Youth Cycling will run our kid’s race event for 2012. Gault/RaceMgmt is back as our timing system operators.  As of January 9th we have over 100 pre-registered racers toward our cap of 700 for the 2012 race.  First committee meeting will be sometime in February.

Volunteers needed:  Yankee Springs Time Trial 4/22/12 (funds 40-50% of what we do), State Games of Michigan scheduled for 6/23/12, Trifecta mostly likely 5/20/12 but keep checking to be sure.  Give a shout out to Kevin Allen so he can get you on the volunteer list. (more…)

Bass River Trail Day

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Quick trim day at Bass, this Sunday (6/26), 9 am. Bring snips if you have them. Bring some gloves, bugspray, and something to drink. And a bike. Hopefully we’ll get a lap in when we’re done…

For more information please contact Tom Landry, the Bass River trail coordinator at