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The trails are Clopen during the freeze/thaw season.. What the? I just made that up, closed when above 32 degrees or muddy but open when below freezing or dry.


Luton Park Trailday 12-20-14

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Please come help us spread crushed asphalt on the entrance and exit of the Green Loop (new parking lot) that is getting damaged during the freeze/thaw season. To save us a trip getting the trailer out of storage please bring shovels, steel rakes and wheelbarrows.

Freeze/Thaw Season

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We are experiencing the freeze/thaw season, what does that mean? Please don’t ride the trails when the temps are above 32 degrees. Since the ground is partially frozen the top layer becomes soft during warm temperatures (32+) and this is amplified when melting snow or rain water can’t drain through the frost layer. Riding the trails in these conditions lead to scars that take months to go away without help from volunteers. Scars lead to erosion, annoying riding and dangerous hiking/running surfaces but most of all it leads to trail widening. Please keep our trails narrow single track!

New Ski Area map and trails

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OK-here is an updated map of the Cannonsburg Ski Area since we re-signed the entire trail today! The Triple East and West are now one-way traffic based on days of the week, similar to Merrell. The days are listed on this map and also with signage on the trail junctions. We hope we improved the markings to keep first timers and the seldom users on course by marking the main loop in white arrows with all the optional loops in different colors. Creek Trail has brown arrows, the Connector has blue arrows, the Triple East and West have red arrows and Bill’s Hill is marked with yellow arrows. All of these options can be bypassed as most of you know just take all the white arrow options. Take all the options and it is now 9 miles long!

Ski Area 2014