Membership list updated

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Our membership list tab was just updated for the first time in 3 years and we current have 337 members in the WMMBA. Please help us reach 400 members for the first time ever! Sign up at IMBA and select WMMBA as your local chapter for only $30 a year.

Luton Park is open!

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The trail is back open but please do not ride the Orange Loop for another week. Also stay off the trails during or after a rain and when muddy. Right now there are a few muddy spots but ride straight through them to avoid widening the trail. Yeah spring!

Yankee is open!

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So, after 27,000 inquiries about “Is Yankee open?” The answer is, yes with a cautionary note! Please be aware that there will be icy patches which can be quite slick. Also, please don’t leave a bunch of ruts behind. If you’re rutting the trail, get off until it’s dry.

We have a trail work day on April 4th at 9a. I hope to see you there.


The Ski Area is open!

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Are you itching for single track? The Ski Area is ready to ride! If you want to avoid the slush at the base of the lifts ride around to the connector trail off Egypt Valley Rd.