Skirts in the Dirt Is August 18!

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It’s hard to pick a day that we can call the true height of summer. Skirts in the Dirt, however, is certainly a front-runner.  (more…)

Wahlfield Trail Day August 1

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Wahlfield Trail WMMBA

Wahlfield needs some work, and with Skirts in the Dirt coming up quick, we’re rallying the troops to get one of our favorite trails in perfect shape before race day!  (more…)

Our Trails By The Numbers

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We’ve rolled deep into July, and with the second half of 2018 on deck, it’s really interesting to check out some of the highlights on Trailforks.  (more…)

An Independent WMMBA: The Alliance Needs YOU!

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WMMBA Trail Advocacy

We couldn’t think of a better time than the day we celebrate independence to talk about the importance of a local trail association working for local trails.  (more…)