To The Keg And Back with City Built Brewing Company

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city built brewing company wmmba events

Beers, bikes, and ….brunch? We’re making it a thing.  (more…)

Ride Dirt, Not Mud This Spring

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WMMBA MTB Trails Grand Rapids

Spring might just be here! West Michigan is rolling into a long-term warm-up, and what little snow we have left in the shadows will be gone before you know it.

Before we turn our attention to spring, we wanted to a second to thank all the groomers and trail organizers that put in hour after hour to give us trails to ride! As many of you know, these groomers sacrifice not only time with family and friends, but even coveted time in the saddle so that the rest of the community can get out and ride. Of the Grand Rapids area trails that were groomed, each one took a lot of hard work to keep clear.

A big part of that success is the cooperation and communication of trail users, too. Using platforms like Trailforks and Facebook to let others know trail conditions and when the best time to ride might be. Letting the trail set-up, warning groomers and volunteers of downed trees or ice hazards, and any other useful information all make this network more efficient.

As we roll into the freeze-thaw cycle this spring, we’re asking our regular riders to use these platforms to relay trail conditions to help us preserve the trails, address any issues, and have a better idea of what riders will see if they head out to the trailhead.

We’re asking all riders to help us integrate Trailforks into the process, and it’s really simple. You can check out our recent post about how to make an account, link your Strava profile, and help us gather tons of useful data. We’ll also be using Trailforks to direct work bees and volunteers, and the more information they have on hand, the easier the job will be!

In case you missed it, here’s a great piece from about how mountain bikes impact the trail during freeze-thaw cycles, plus some ways we can prevent damage as a community.

Show Your Trails Some Love

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wmmba trails MTB Grand Rapids

Roses are red, violets are blue, trails are rad, and you are, too.

We admit it, we’ve taken a small peek at the calendar and there is something about seeing MARCH up next that has just a little part of us ready for dirty tires and short sleeves. We’ve had a tremendous winter for fat biking, even with a brief period with little to no snow. While there’s plenty of snow riding left this year, we’re gearing up for a new season and new projects.

This is the time of year we really hope to recruit more members that are ready to join the ranks of trail workers, members, volunteers, and riding buddies. WMMBA has a lot of trail networks that serve tens of thousands of mountain bikers, not to mention other non-motorized trail users who rely on clear trails to access nature, peace, and quiet.

We have hundreds of members; we need hundreds more to raise the quality of our already incredible trails. What trail system are you sweet on? What is your favorite weekend destination? Whatever WMMBA trail you love, or if you spend plenty of time on them all, joining WMMBA is the very best way to show you care.

You can join knowing that your money stay in West Michigan to support West Michigan trails, as well as Michigan advocacy efforts in Lansing that affect mountain bikers and non-motorized trail users around the state. This is our backyard. Let’s take care of it.

Join WMMBA today. 

An Evening with Dave Wiens, A Weekend of Fat Bike Fun!

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dave wiens IMBA cannonsburg

We love fat biking. Grand Rapids isn’t just Beer City, USA. We like to think of West Michigan as a pretty serious contender for the fat bike capital of the world!

We’re celebrating our winter riding with a huge weekend, and it’s coming up soon. For the second year, the USA Cycling Fat Bike National Championships are right here in GR. Throw in more racing on Sunday with Winter Rush, and you’d be pretty pumped; but we’re also getting a chance to meet current IMBA Executive Director and mountain bike legend Dave Wiens.

Dave will be at Cannonsburg on Friday, February 9 from 7-9pm to talk to WMMBA Allies and the whole cycling community about the future of mountain biking, fat biking, and our sport in general. Dave has decades of trail stewardship experience and is in a position to see regional and national trends that provide a lot of perspective and valuable information for our efforts right here in West Michigan.

Of course, we’ll also be asking Dave about his six Leadville 100 victories, his many years of racing at the top level of the sport, riding on the USA National team, and why he still simply loves cycling.

Fat Bike National Weekend is going to be a real treat, and a getting involved with the event is a big plus for the community and for WMMBA. 10% of registration fees will go straight to WMMBA and our trail efforts thanks to Winter Rush!

You can also register to volunteer here. 

Make sure you RSVP for our Evening with Dave Wiens here on Facebook, too!