Luton Park closed April 26th 2014

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Attention all trail users. This Saturday April 26th there is a trail running race called Hurt the Dirt at Luton Park, staging at the Kies parking lot and utilizing the trail network from 8am-2:30pm. The trail will be closed to all other users while the event is happening. Please take advantage of great trail conditions at Merrell, the Ski Area or Cannonsburg State Game Area instead. Please spread the word to your non-Facebook friends!

Trails open!

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Merrell and Luton will both open on 4-17-14! however please avoid all trails when wet or muddy throughout the riding season.

New Trail Conditions Page!

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In an effort to help trail users know trail conditions before driving to the trail head, we’ve created a new “Trail Conditions” page on our website. Simply click on “Trail Conditions” under “Trails” at the top of our website or go to If the trail is green you’re good to go, if it’s red stay home. We will especially be updating these during the spring thaw when trails are at their most vulnerable.

Ski Area closed to bikes from 11am-3pm this Saturday

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The Cannonsburg Ski Area winter trails are closed to fatbikes, skis and snowshoes this Saturday Jan 11th 2014 from 11am-3pm for the Farmers Fat Bike Race