2017 Trail schedule

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And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… our Spring 2017 Trail Day Schedule! Please come lend a hand!
Saturday, April 8th – Yankee Springs Recreation Area
Saturday, April 22nd – Luton Park
Saturday, April 29th – Hammond Hill (Hastings)
Thursday, May 4th – Cannonsburg State Game Area
Saturday, May 6th – Cannonsburg Ski Area/Skills Area
Saturday, May 13th – Ionia State Recreation Area
Saturday, May 20th – Merrell Trail
Sunday, May 21st – GR Bike Park
Saturday, June 3rd – Wahlfield Park

Spring 2014 Trail Day Line-Up

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Spring 2014 Trail Days

Hope to see you out there!

Yankee Springs – Saturday, May 3

Cannonsburg State Game Area- Saturday, April 26

Cannonsburg Ski Area – Saturday, May 10

Merrell Trail – Saturday, May 17

Ionia State Park – Saturday, May 31

Wahlfield Park – Saturday, June 07

Luton Park –  Saturday, June 14

All trail days start at 8:30 and lunch is always provided.  Be sure to bring your bike as well for the after work group rides!

Member Meeting January 9, 2012

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In case you weren’t able to attend, here’s a quickie on some of the things we discussed at the meeting.  I’m not big on long formal meeting minutes, so if you need details, contact your favorite board member….better yet, come to the meeting.

New president Kevin Allen gave a recap of happenings in 2011

Yankee Springs Time Trial update – Registration has been open since mid-November. John Anderson is back with his sound system and announcing talents.  Dan Clark will design this year’s 2012 artwork for shirts, glasses and posters.  Youth Cycling will run our kid’s race event for 2012. Gault/RaceMgmt is back as our timing system operators.  As of January 9th we have over 100 pre-registered racers toward our cap of 700 for the 2012 race.  First committee meeting will be sometime in February.

Volunteers needed:  Yankee Springs Time Trial 4/22/12 (funds 40-50% of what we do), State Games of Michigan scheduled for 6/23/12, Trifecta mostly likely 5/20/12 but keep checking to be sure.  Give a shout out to Kevin Allen so he can get you on the volunteer list. (more…)

Ionia Gets its Adopt-A-Trail Program Underway!

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In October of 2011 trail coordinator George Trowbridge got the final portions of the Ionia Adopt-A-Trail program implemented.

The program is a joint venture between the wMMBA, Dan’s Bike Shop of Ionia, and the DNR.  Trowbridge was approached earlier in 2011 by Gary Ferguson, the manager of Dan’s Bike Shop, about executing the program because he had several of his weekly group riders showing interest in trail maintenance.  The group rides were using more of the trail than ever before because the maintenance has been kept up.  They recognized the effort put forth and wanted to get involved.  Trowbridge then sat down with Ferguson and together came up with a plan.  They both agreed that it was very important to make the plan as easy as possible for the volunteers to understand their requirements, but also as flexible as possible so the volunteers were not limited to specific days or times to work.

In the end Ferguson gathered up some 20+ names of people interested in maintaining the trails of Ionia and offered to make his shop the maintenance headquarters for the Ionia trails, where he would distribute maintenance information and control who was assigned to what trail segments.

Trowbridge provided paper documentation for the volunteers that included GPS’d satellite photos of ½ mile maintenance sections along with a written description of the section, recommended tools, optional tools, and expected maintenance conditions.  Additionally volunteers were provided with a small maintenance cheat sheet/checklist that included the do’s and don’ts of trail maintenance borrowed from IMBA trail books and customized to the environment of the Ionia State Recreation Area.

Recognizing the value of the volunteers, the DNR got involved by providing a renewable one year Use Permit at no charge and also offered to adopt some trail segments that they are better equipped to handle even with their limited staffing.

The year of 2012 should show a nice reduction in labor efforts for any one individual out at Ionia and this Adopt-A-Trail effort will begin paving the way to adding more trail mileage in the future.  The initial reaction of the volunteers to the program has been very positive due to its self-explanatory nature, extensive documentation, and schedule flexibility.