Meet WMMBA: Jill Martindale

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One of our big goals for 2019 is to help you connect with the people behind WMMBA! While the Alliance is made up of racers, riders, trail builders, families, and more, we have a core group of board members that serve roles ranging from president to trail director to event coordinators. We’re proud and thankful for their hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm. When you support WMMBA, these are the fine folks you’re putting in a position to do great things for our trails! First up, meet a face you’re sure to recognize from all sorts of races. From Skirts in the Dirt to Iditarod, Jill is up for any adventure!  (more…)

Gearing Up for 2019

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Friends, it’s been an incredibly fun year riding bikes with you all. And we can’t wait to keep it rolling in 2019.

WMMBA has always been motivated by the experience we help to offer and the communities these trails help develop. From Day One, it’s been about sustaining and expanding the symbiotic relationship between riders and trails; the more opportunities we have to ride, the more riders we see not only going throw down laps, but work to expand and improve those trails. We know that by always striving to offer a better experience, we’ll always have more individuals, families, and partners to grow our community. That’s what we commit to each and every year.

2019 has a lot of exciting things on the horizon, from the first full season of riding at the updated GR Bike Park to the 30th edition of the Yankee Springs Time Trial. Thirty years! And it is events and places like the Bike Park and the Time Trial that make our West Michigan cycling community so big, inclusive, and dynamic. Go to any WMMBA trail any time of the year and you’re just as likely to see young families as you’ll see avid racers, riders putting in a few sessions on the flow trails as kids just learning how to handle tree roots and sand pits.

As 2018 comes to a close, we’re inviting you to commit to a bigger, better year along with us. Renew or join WMMBA and let’s continue to grow, improve, and invite more people to be a part of these trails and this community. Let’s resolve to take a new friend riding, to get an old pal back on the bike, or head to one new trail that you’ve never ridden here in West Michigan. Together, our Allies keep WMMBA going, and keep our community growing.

From everyone here at WMMBA, happy holidays, merry Christmas, and have a wonderful New Year!

Ninja MTB Clinics at GR Bike Park :: July 13-14

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Ninja MTB Performance WMMBA Clinic

It might seem a little early to introduce you to our new clinic with Ninja MTB Performance, but it’s always good to start planning.  (more…)

GR Bike Park Closed For Season

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GR Bike Park Closure 2018

Just a quick heads up that effectively immediately, the Grand Rapids Bike Park is closed for the year.  (more…)