New Ski Area map and trails

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OK-here is an updated map of the Cannonsburg Ski Area since we re-signed the entire trail today! The Triple East and West are now one-way traffic based on days of the week, similar to Merrell. The days are listed on this map and also with signage on the trail junctions. We hope we improved the markings to keep first timers and the seldom users on course by marking the main loop in white arrows with all the optional loops in different colors. Creek Trail has brown arrows, the Connector has blue arrows, the Triple East and West have red arrows and Bill’s Hill is marked with yellow arrows. All of these options can be bypassed as most of you know just take all the white arrow options. Take all the options and it is now 9 miles long!

Ski Area 2014

WMMBA Spring MemberMeeting/Pre-ride/Cook Out

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Well it’s been a long winter and spring is finally here! What better way to kick off the season than with a group ride, barbecue and meeting on the deck at the Cannonsburg Ski area?

Bring your bikes, bring your buddy’s, byob, whatever…just join us!

We’ll kick off the night with a group ride starting at the ski hillĀ at 5:30, then fire up the grill around seven. While you enjoy a brat or burger we’ll tell you about some of the things the WMMBA has up our sleeves.

Plus, we’ll have Nate Sefcik from the IMBA Bike Patrol on hand to share some info on what they are doing and tell us how we can launch our own Bike Patrol chapter in West Michigan.

The forecast looks good, the burgers and brats are on us (as a way to say thanks for all of your incredible support) we just need you to join us!

Hey, if want to bring a dish to pass feel free to do so and again, BYOB!

Luton Park closed April 26th 2014

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Attention all trail users. This Saturday April 26th there is a trail running race called Hurt the Dirt at Luton Park, staging at the Kies parking lot and utilizing the trail network from 8am-2:30pm. The trail will be closed to all other users while the event is happening. Please take advantage of great trail conditions at Merrell, the Ski Area or Cannonsburg State Game Area instead. Please spread the word to your non-Facebook friends!

Trails open!

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Merrell and Luton will both open on 4-17-14! however please avoid all trails when wet or muddy throughout the riding season.