November Chapter ride and meeting

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November 18th at 7pm. Hey folks this is a save the date message for our next WMMBA member meeting!
This time we’ll be doing a nighttime pre-ride at the Merrell trail starting at 5:30. Then heading to the upper level of the Rockford Brewing Company by 7pm!
Our meeting host/sponsor will be Speed Merchants Bike Shop! we’ll get to hear a bit about them and what they have going on. Plus, they will be offering $15 towards any new WMMBA membership.

…more details to follow. You don’t want to miss it!

Cannonsburg skills area extreme country short track race / fundraiser

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So as most people know we have been working on the skills area at cannonsburg all year and we are pretty proud of what we have done so now its time to show it off and try and make some money to make it even better. The problem we have had is trying to come up with a race format that highlights the skills area. If we did a DH race it would be too short, if we did an enduro it would be chaos in there so this is what I came up with.

Format: entry fees a nice working bike part. When you register there will be a donation bucket that we encourage you to throw some money in that will be used for future expansion. We then will race and I am thinking of doing a couple classes depending on how many people show up. Probably like Men’s and then a combined women’s and kids. The winner gets first pick of the bike parts.

The course will start at the beginning of the IMBA berms and follow the xc trail into the main skills area, you will then be given a choice of hitting the large step up or doing the ride around. you will then climb up next to the cork screw and little drop and along the ridge to the top of the skills area. Then you will drop into the roller double and turn to the progressive drop zone. You get to pick what ever drop looks best for you and head down to the little step up / ride around. Once you get up there you get the choice of hitting the boner log or going under the flag and heading all the way to the bottom of the skills area. Once you get to the bottom you will turn and ride up the xc trail back to the top, make the turn at the top and then head down the cinder block hill to the finish. This whole thing is just over a mile and no bike is perfect for it. I have tried it on my xc bike my dj bike and my slope and none of them are ideal.

Also the hardest mandatory thing on the course is the xc climb from bottom to top. There is one drop that is also mandatory but it’s about the size of a parking curb.

Skirts in the Dirt Trail Work Night

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One of the primary goals of the West Michigan Mountain Biking Alliance (WMMBA) is to build and maintain the awesome trails that we get to ride regularly here in West Michigan. We are SUPER EXCITED to invite all of you ladies to impact the trail we will be riding during the race the following Sunday!

Join us on Wednesday, Aug 19th at 5:30 for an evening of trail work fun! If you own some trimmers or pruners bring them along.

Husbands, boyfriends, sons, and other guys are welcome to come, but what we would love to see is a ton of ladies out maintaining trail!

If you cannot make it until later, just let us know and we’ll tell you where on the trail we’ll be so that you can meet up with us.  See you there!!


Help us finish the new loop at the Ski Area!

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Please help us complete the next section of the new loop at Cannonsburg Ski Area Trail (WMMBA) on Wednesday, July 8th from 6 to 8:30 pm. With this section we’ll be able to make it a loop connecting back to the existing trail with a temporary route. Meet in the parking lot by the WMMBA trailer. Bring boots, gloves, water, and bug spray! Tools provided.