The Dragon Comes To Life!

The Dragon is coming to life! This past Friday, members of the WMMBA board were on hand for the official ground-breaking ceremony to celebrate what we’ve accomplished already and communicate to excited trail users what comes next. 

The sun was out and the trails were tempting, but we stuck to the script for presentation on where we are and where we’re headed with The Dragon. This project might just be breaking ground, but as many of you know, it has already seen years of hard work to bring to life. With so many organizations, municipalities, and landowners, just getting permission for the 47-mile loop took patience, passion, and a lot of communication. It wasn’t until this past summer that all parties involved gave the green light, and we were ready to get after it. 

As we start October, we have 2.5 miles of trail being carved out to ride at Brower Park. This is the start of something that’s going to offer riders of all abilities a mix of short rides and weekend-long bikepacking adventures that is accessible and fun for everyone. The next stretch of trail is almost done, too, with a further two miles waiting in the wings. The fast progress is thanks to great organization by WMMBA and the incredible work ethic of Alex and Kevin from Spectrum Trail Design. 

This first phase will see two more sections of trail. Next up is a one mile stretch of trail at Newaygo, plus three more miles at Sandy Beach. These two pieces are slated to be finished by spring. Once complete, we’ll shift attention to the second phase. 

We’re just getting started, and while much of the funding is in place, we need your support. Become an Ally and add your name to our list of riders who help maintain, build, and protect places to get outside and connect with nature and the community. 

Stay tuned, this project is going to be on-going…and very exciting!