Costume Ideas For The Luton Park Halloween Ride and Run!

We’re just over a week away from the Luton Park Halloween Ride and Run! Your WMMBA board has put a lot of work into making this a fun, exciting, and welcoming way to do a few things for the first (and maybe last) time at Luton! 

First, we’re going backward! On every other day ever, you obey the trail signs. At the Halloween Ride and Run, you get to ignore them. This might be the only time we get to ride Luton in the opposite direction. Second, it may be the only time we’re allowed to ride past park hours, which are dawn to dusk. Third, it’s almost certainly the only time you’ll see people riding and running in costumes…although, hey, people love dressing up in July, too. 

And it’s those costumes that are really going to bring this thing together! We really hope you spent a hot second putting together a unique look that has you in the hunt for one of our three costume categories. Three riders and three runners each with take home prizes for the Best Overall Costume, Most Creative Costume, and the Hardest To Run/Ride In Costumer. We’re thinking the first two categories will be hotly contested, but the third should be easier; we have doubts they’ll make it too far down the trail. 

To get your creative juices flowing, we picked two ideas for runners and two ideas for riders. Copying this won’t win you judges from our expert panel of judges (doughnuts will) but hopefully, they serve to set the bar ahead of the event! 

Cycling Costumes

Didi the Devil – A simple trident and pointy red tail won’t cut it. To go full devil and embody one of the institutions of the Tour de France, you’re going to need just a bit of a beer belly and one big bushy beard. Didi attended Le Tour for decades and is one of the few fans that see professionals ask for his autograph.  

A Cycling Vampire – While adopting the cape and cowl of Dracula might be one way to go, another just might be a doctor with an oversized syringe, scrubs, and a list of patients that includes nearly every Grand Tour winner between the mid-80s through today. 

Running Costumes

Forrest Gump – You know, he ran everywhere. Toss on some short shorts, grow (or buy) a beard, find your Bubba Gump shrimp trucker hat and show up! Bonus if you can run the entire Luton loop with Jackson Browne’s “Runnin’ On” playing on a loop. Actually, that sounds great!

Disney Themed – Are the kids coming, too? Get them in on the costume game by going as the full cast of your favorite Disney movie! You’ve got so many to pick from, but the ones we think would be extra cool are Toy Story, The Lion King, and The Incredibles

The costume contest winners will pick up gift cards to West Michigan Bike and Fitness and Gazelle Sports, plus bragging rights for all-time! 

The fun starts on Friday, October 25 with the Kid’s Ride at 6. For the full schedule of events, sign up at the link below. 

 Sign up to support WMMBA and our many trail projects here. There are options to add dinner from The Grilling Co. and add an optional donation as well!