Luton Park Halloween Ride and Run: Thank You!

What a perfect fall weekend in West Michigan! Our Luton Park Halloween Ride and Run is going to go down as a huge hit for 2019.

We don’t know if we’ll ever get to ride Luton backward at night again, but there are healthy number of riders who will get to say there were there! With nearly 200 riders and runners, we had a strong turnout and a ton of fun on an ideal Friday night. 

Killer costumes, spooky trails, and a lot of great food from the Grilling Company this ride something we won’t soon forget. Luton is a unique trail system that offers just a bit of everything for any skill level. Throw in lights and a new direction, plus plenty of hilarious costumes, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a really good time. 

All the effort added up to a really good cause, too. You raised hundreds of dollars that will be vital to our ambitious trail projects, from winter grooming to advocacy at the city and county level. That’s because your donations stay right here, supporting your trails, your volunteers, and the people that spend their time making the trails happen! 

If you missed out on Luton, don’t worry. We’re working on more events, plus our Ally Meetings, to bring our mountain bike community together more often. The best way to stay involved and stay in the loop is to join WMMBA and become an Ally. Together, we can continue to make West Michigan the gem of mountain biking in the Midwest!