WMMBA Board Shuffle: Welcomes and Thank-Yous!

This organization does what it does because of a passion for trails, a passion for mountain biking, and a passion for creating community. It’s people that make it possible, and at WMMBA, we rely on a board of volunteers who invest their time, their energy, and their skills into bringing our community the very best recreational experience possible. 

As we get into what has developed into a completely unpredictable 2020, we’re welcoming in new voices and new faces while saying thank you to a few folks who have left an indelible mark on this organization, and on all of you in the process. What we’ve accomplished over the past few years is because of their hard work and dedication, and we wouldn’t be where we are now without them. 

We have to start with Kevin Allen. After seven years as WMMBA president, Kevin stayed on to help finish projects and grow events in 2019. He’s taking a well-earned step back as we hit spring, but his presence will always be felt in West Michigan every time a tire hits dirt. You’ll still be seeing plenty of Kevin at WMMBA events, and even more of him out riding his bike; he’s more than earned that! 

WMMBA would also like to thank Brian Zajac, Julie Whalen, and Doug Kyle for all of their effort and commitment during their time on the WMMBA board. This trio brought fresh ideas, energy, and a lot of fun to everything we did, and we are extremely grateful for the time they dedicated to the trails and the people who enjoy them. 

Of course, we’re also relieved to know that these talented folks will have their shoes filled by a new crop of volunteers! Our new President, Lydia Fortis-Sweetman, takes the helm with fresh recruits this spring. We’d like you to help us welcome Mark Vantongeren, Erika Kuhnle and Brian Dokter to our board. 

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be helping to introduce our board to you and highlight what got each of them to sign up, get involved, and make a difference on behalf of mountain bikers in West Michigan. Can’t join the board? Just make sure you join the Alliance and be a part of the future of our trails.