Surviving The Freeze/Thaw Season

If you’re looking forward to spring, there’s hope. If you’re hoping for just one more snowstorm, well, there’s hope for you, too. It’s Michigan; the weather changes by the minute, and on the heels of this weekend’s summer-like heatwave, there’s a good chance we see another white-out before we see the back end of winter. Read More »Surviving The Freeze/Thaw Season

It’s A Date: February Alliance Meeting on February 17!

It feels like last year since we’ve gotten together. By now, you’ve probably washed and folded your ugly sweater away for the season and are making the most of what winter weather we have to enjoy the trails. With it being a relatively unreliable season, Allies might already be casting a cautiously hopeful eye towards spring. Well, here’s the next thing to look forward to in the world of bikes! Read More »It’s A Date: February Alliance Meeting on February 17!