Fall seems to have come and gone, which means that winter is coming!


But with the short fall, and early onset of winter weather, the Alliance asks that all trail users exercise caution when venturing out to ride or run.  With cooler temperatures at night, and warmer temperatures during the day, trails as highly susceptible to damage and erosion from the freeze/thaw cycle, so if the temperature is above freezing or receives direct sunlight, the WMMBA asks that you give it time before you ride.


Check out this great article from the crew at the Northwest North Carolina Mountain Bike Alliance for more info on what the freeze/thaw cycle is and how it impacts our trails!


Trails managed by the WMMBA

NOTE: If the ‘current’ trail condition goes unchanged for multiple days, that condition should be considered accurate. Once the trails are open to riding, their status will be updated. If you decide to venture out after inclement weather, please help everyone by updating the trails condition via Trailforks!



Don’t see your trail listed? Wondering about conditions further away from the Grand Rapids area? Check out the West Michigan Trails Map on Trailforks!

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